It's a beautiful thing when your career and your passion come together...

Teach Happy Virtual Classroom is a program that will guide you to discover how your personal and professional life are supporting each other.  This course will help you to create nourishing shifts in the way you approach your work as a movement teacher and also offer you individualized strategies for recharging.  For once, the subject of continuing education will be YOU!

I'm ready to Teach Happy!

Modules 1 - 3

We introduce the benefits of creating a formula for supporting your best energy,
identify the roadblocks and limiting beliefs that are holding us back
and take on the action item of developing our Personal Rituals.
Module 4 - 6

It's time to expand our exploration of what fuels us into the professional
realm of our life, identify professional roadblocks and gifts,
and build the rituals that will help us show up fully as professionals.

Modules 7 - 12

We get creative with changes we can make to our workspace that will reflect our values,
begin to identify how and where to attract our ideal clientele
and put all of our work into action items with a plan for implementation. 
You'll Complete Teach Happy With:
A daily plan for recharge

A platform for your personal creative endeavors

The tools to create a teaching schedule where you shine AND make money

A personalized formula to make you-centered decisions

A formula to help you access your best energy every day


Jeanne Reilly
Teach Happy gave me an organized way to assess where I am with my work, and where I want to direct my efforts, but most importantly, I was reminded that only I need to give myself permission to move ahead!
Dena Dalton

Through Teach happy, I learned to find my strength, own it, love it, live it. And now, I know I am able to  lead from it.
Janine McNerney

The visualization exercises were a great tool that offered me insight into what was truly holding me back from taking myself to the next level in my professional and personal life.
Julia Molyboga

Jenna's insight and materials not only rejuvenated why I began teaching; they allowed me to continue discovering new inspirations.
About Jenna
Jenna is a Pilates expert and thought leader. Her podcast, Pilates Unfiltered, is enjoyed by thousands and provides a platform for professionals to receive permission to do their best creative work.  Her core message is "move from the heart" and her coursework reflects her mission to help others do the same!
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